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Lovely Animals Learn English Coloring Book For Adults Use Pages As Decorative Reminders As Original Art Gift Greeting Cards Or As A Forever Keepsake Learn To Relax And Have Fun

RRP $12.99

LOVELY ANIMALS learn English Coloring book for adults use pages as decorative reminders as original art gift greeting cards or as a forever keepsake learn to relax and have fun

How To Decorate With Wallpaper

RRP $44.95

When it comes to home decorating, wallpaper is making a comeback. The trend for plain, white walls is giving way to a new style of decorating, which allows you to transform your walls with the most amazing colours and patterns.

Many wallpaper companies are reintroducing their archive ranges as original wallpaper designs become fashionable again. However, there is also a huge range of wonderful contemporary papers available in bold patterns and striking designs. This stunning new book tells you everything you need to know about choosing and using wallpaper for every room in your home.

A section on tools and materials gives details of all the different types of paper available. The book goes on to explain what to use where, with tips for making a room look larger, setting a theme or creating a focal point. The essentials of using wallpaper are covered, from preparing your walls to hanging patterned wallpaper and papering ceilings. A number of projects then follow, such as papering round corners and dealing with windows, doors and other obstacles. Step-by-step instructions and artworks make the projects easy to follow.

With plenty of hints and tips throughout, useful information on calculating paper and troubleshooting advice, this book is full of practical information, as well as being an inspirational style guide.

Decorating With Pompoms & Tassels

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Pompoms and tassels are a great way to add a witty and personal touch to any interior. These 20 projects introduce a host of creative ways to customize objects for your home, ranging from cushions and fridge magnets to wall hangings and rugs. The book explains the basic techniques you need to make tassels and pompoms from a surprising range of materials, including wool, paper, felt, upcycled fabric and leather. Each project is graded according to its difficulty, but even absolute beginners will find plenty of accessible and stylish ideas to try out.

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Emily Greenberg is an artist and writer living in Brooklyn.


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