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Assembler And Fabricator Career (special Edition)

RRP $18.99

In clear, easy-to-grasp language, the author covers many of the topics that you will need to know in order to win your dream job and be the first in line for a promotion.

Form And Fabric In Landscape Architecture

RRP $549.99

Form and Fabric in Landscape Architecture provides an original, visual approach to the study of landscape architecture by creating a spatial morphology based on use and experience of landscapes. It explores aesthetic, spatial and experiential concepts by providing a structure through which landscapes can be understood and conceived in design. 'Fabric' is the integrated structure of whole landscapes, while 'form' refers to the compnents that make up this fabric. Together form and fabric create a morphology of landscape useful for the development of visual-spatial design thinking and awareness. This book is intended as both an introduction to the discipline for students of landscape architecture, architecture and planning, and a source of continuing interest for more experienced environmental designers.

Solid Freeform Fabrication: A New Direction In Manufacturing

RRP $35.00

Solid Freeform Fabrication is a set of manufacturing processes that are capable of producing complex freeform solid objects directly from a computer model of an object without part-specific tooling or knowledge. In essence, these methods are miniature manufacturing plants which come complete with material handling, information processing and materials processing. As such, these methods require technical knowledge from many disciplines; therefore, researchers, engineers, and students in Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical, and Manufacturing Engineering and Materials and Computer Science will all find some interest in this subject. Particular subareas of concern include manufacturing methods, polymer chemistry, computational geometry, control, heat transfer, metallurgy, ceramics, optics, and fluid mechanics. History of technology specialists may also find Chapter 1 of interest. Although this book covers the spectrum of different processes, the emphasis is clearly on the area in which the authors have the most experience, thermal laser processing. In particular, the authors have all been developers and inventors of techniques for the Selective Laser Sintering process and laser gas phase techniques (Selective Area Laser Deposition). This is a research book on the subject of Solid Freeform Fabrication.


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